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About us

CHUN LUNG INTERNATIONAL CO LTD (Chun Lung) was established in Hong Kong in 2001.  Chun Lung started its business as a trader/merchant of various products and in due course concentrated on building products and interior/exterior construction materials for Contractors, Architects, Designers and Wholesalers.  To meet its increasing market demand Chun Lung opened its China office in 2008 in the city of Foshan, China's manufacturing centre of ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and bathroom accessories.


Today, Chun Lung specializes in international trade and acts as purchasing/sourcing agent to its clients for a vast range of building products and interior/exterior construction materials.  Chun Lung also offers product-design and development, production management and quality control, in-country logistics and global freight management.  Since the company's inception, it has established good and long-term business relationships with numerous reliable factories in greater China.  Chun Lung has made a steady development in the recent years with businesses concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Our Team.

Raymund Lim

General Manager

Tel: +852 9432 6571

China Tel: +86 136 3012 7183

Eago Tan

谭巧珠 (Tan Qiao Zhu)

Chao Lin

林文超 (Lin Wen Chao)

Moon Pan

潘月儿 (Pan Yue Er)

Hui Zhang

张汉晖 (Zhang Han Hui)

Anita Chen

陈英桥 (Chen Ying Qiao)

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